If you are in Saudi Arabia and require a UAE Good Standing certificate (PCC), Helpline Group is here to provide expert assistance. As a leading document procurement service provider, Helpline Group offers a seamless and efficient process to help you obtain the UAE Good Standing certificate. With their in-depth knowledge of the attestation and verification procedures, Helpline Group ensures that the application is handled professionally and in a timely manner.

Why do people in Saudi Arabia seek to acquire a UAE Good Standing certificate (PCC)?

Individuals acquire UAE Good Standing certificate for various reasons, like:

  • Many employers require a Good Standing certificate as part of the pre-employment background verification process.
  • For Immigration and Visa Application procedures
  • In certain legal cases, such as applying for court proceedings, legal representation, or dispute resolution, a Good Standing certificate (PCC) might be necessary to establish the individual’s credibility.
  • Some educational institutions and licensing bodies may ask for a Good Standing certificate as part of their application process

How much does a UAE Good Standing certificate (PCC) attest from Saudi Arabia cost?

The cost of obtaining a UAE Good Standing certificate attestation from Saudi Arabia can vary based on several factors. The total expenses typically include attestation fees charged by the respective Saudi Arabian government departments for document verification, notarization costs, translation fees (if required), and service charges of the attestation agency, if you choose to seek assistance from one. Additionally, the cost may differ depending on the urgency of the request, as expedited services might incur higher fees. On average, the attestation process can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand Saudi Riyals.


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